Demo projects

DLMS communication packages

There are demo projects for C++,  C# and Java. The C++ and C# projects have been developed using  MS Visual Studio. The Java project has been developed using Eclipse.

Before using a demo project to connect to a real device, you will have to know the addressing scheme of the device as well as its COSEM context, either Short Name referencing or Logical Name referencing context.

The COSEM context depends on the device and should be directly available from the manufacturer.

If you ignore the addressing scheme, then read this.

C++ demo project

The C++ demo project is available here.

The API documentation is here.

C# demo project

The C# demo project is available here.

Java demo project

The Java demo project is available here.

Additional information for eclipse setup is here.

Python demo project

The python demo project is available here. It is delivered with .pyc and .pyd  (byte-code and dll) and is only for win32 and python 2.7.

DLMS security library

A C++ demo project is available here. Please note that the demo library can only use the default encryption and authentication keys.


WARNING: If you see this message when opening one of the help file (of extension .chm):

"Navigation to the webpage was canceled"

then, please see this page.