OBISHelper dll

OBISHelper dll enables an application to find out the textual descriptions of any OBIS code. 

OBISHelper dll delivers the same information as the official DLMS/UA Object_Defs_xxxx Excel document published on the DLMS web site. Yet, OBISHelper dll does not need Excel to be present. Instead, it uses several comma-separated-values files generated (once) out of the official Excel document.

Creating the CSV files is easy: just load the Object_Defs file in Excel and then File/Save as CSV (Comma delimited) *.csv, once per page, with the names 0.csv for Abstract, 1.csv for Electricity and and 7.csv for Gas.

A demo project with a demo version of OBISHelper dll is available here. The demo dll only handles OBISCodes of the Abstract page (those codes with where A = 0).

To order the release version, please click here.